Self Care

Self-care skills are those everyday tasks that you need to do in order to get ready for the day.   These include dressing, toileting, brushing teeth, eating and packing their bag. Self-care skills provide a foundation or many school related tasks as well as general life skills. It all depends on the age of the child as to what level of independence is appropriate but Occupational Therapists are able to break the task down into manageable sections to develop their skills. Self-care skills are one of the first ways that a child will need to plan and sequence a task, (i.e. pulling pants down and then sitting on the toilet) as well as organising the necessary materials needed (using toilet paper). 

Children with difficulties with self-care skills may demonstrate:

  • Difficulties with toilet training

  • Heavy reliance on others to complete tasks for them 

  • No interest in developing independence

  • Needing adult support for daily tasks such as dressing and eating beyond what is expected for their age 

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