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A private paediatric Occupational Therapy practice based in Caroline Springs, Victoria.

Children’s Occupation Therapy Service in Caroline Springs

Welcome to Only About Kids Occupational Therapy. We are a paediatric therapy service, providing evidence-based interventions for children from birth up to 12 years of age. We are primarily a clinic-based practice, although we do offer community support when it is in line with our client’s goals and aspirations. 

Since 2020, we have been providing assessment, intervention, education and coaching services and working collaboratively with clients and their families, to maximise their potential and support their development. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support you with your Occupational Therapy needs.

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How we can help:

Fine Motor Skills

These refer to the use of small muscles in the fingers and hands that are responsible for exploring and manipulating objects.

Gross Motor Skills

These are the larger muscles of the body including our arms, legs and core. These help us complete everyday tasks such as standing, walking, running and jumping.

Play and Social Skills

For children, playing is essential to help them develop everyday skills such as communication, motor skills, cognition and social skills

Sensory Processing

Sensory processing is the way our bodies take information in through our senses. 

Attention and Self Regulation

Attention and concentration is what allows us to focus on one thing at a time, and block out other information.

Self Care

Self-care skills are everyday tasks that kids need to do to get ready for the day.  These include dressing, toileting, etc.


Behaviour describes how we react and function in response to everyday situations.

How does occupational therapy work for children?

Occupational therapists help children achieve independence in daily activities, including tasks such as dressing, drawing, and eating. The term 'occupation' for children encompasses learning, socializing, and, crucially, playing. As children grow, they develop physical coordination, social skills, emotional maturity, and the confidence to attempt new things.

Pediatric occupational therapists assess children's strengths, formulate plans to achieve their goals, and work on skills ranging from writing to everyday tasks like zipping up a jacket. Early engagement in occupational therapy tends to be more effective, fostering children's self-esteem and confidence for a happier, more accomplished feeling.

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